Sydney Beaches – live Periscope

Hi Bloggers,  I’ve started using a new app called Periscope.  Some of you may have heard about it?  Well it is a live video broadcast you take from your phone and people all around the world drop in while you are filming and chat away with you in text on the screen.  So far I have only done 3 broadcasts so be aware I’m in no way professional and I’m still not sure how to use it.  It sure is fun with people from different countries dropping in and saying hi.  I tried a landscape view but then my video was sideways.  I haven’t worked out how to upload it and change it to upright to load to youtube yet.  So if you want to see what I did today check this out for a few minutes, it goes for around 8 minutes or so.  Oh and I think I said ‘Amazing’ at least 10 times haha, ciao!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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