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Mommie Dearest

Mommie Dearest poem

I didn’t ask to be born

You wished and I appeared

You chose me I had no choice

 I knew nothing but a need to survive


I cried until fed or just needed my bed

Absorbing my surroundings everything so bright

Your voice was my guide and in Daddy’s arms I was so light


Days melted into nights I bloomed

I found my voice I liked the sound I made

Marvelling at the world  I mimicked what I saw

Living for appraisal an innocent so pure


Who knew the power of a parent when life is so small

Your words began to mould me, to form my later self

Emotions bubbled and toiled stirring my mental health

I began to think, to question and explore


When you yelled I went within to escape the sting

Your twisted words would try to unhinge

As I grew older I saw how you were

Two people resided in you, a drama was in store


Always on a stage, you would act out sweet

If you failed at getting attention, your temper would flare

Conflicting words laced with venom showered like sleet

In the aftermath I sighed, the guilt you desired grew

Exhausted I knew the devil had a hold on you


I felt sad that you were so consumed with anger and self-pity

Your fascination was with sickness death and gloom

Hours spent just looking around your room

You dwell on dying you’re happy in pain

Seeking sympathy is your game


I’m not a fan I know what you are

It’s sad that you’re damaged but I must get so far

I won’t let you darken my mind for what you are

You are sadly sick and there is no cure




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