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My Dear Mother

Mum and I

My mum and I on a cruise holiday

Hi all, some of you that follow me were probably expecting my next Italy travel post.  Well sadly, my dear mother had a massive stroke a month ago and was found after 4 days alone in her apartment.  She is now stable but I had to move her into a nursing home. She now can’t speak, half her body is numb and she can’t eat properly. She will never walk again, or possibly talk again.  Not a way to live! It’s been such a terrible time. Understandably, I have not had the heart, energy, enthusiasm or free time to do anything creative or fun.

My mother just recently renewed her passport before her stroke as she wanted me to take her on another cruise.  I can only feel lucky that I did take some time to see her for lunch the day I feel she must have had the stroke.

So just a little reminder to live your life as best you can, enjoy, do things, have holidays, don’t go without, enjoy as you just don’t know what can happen in the blink of an eye!

Once I have things under control with my mother’s estate sale and so on, I hope to find a little time for myself again to live my own dreams.

Here are a couple of photos of my beautiful mother.  She was a challenge at times but she always loved her children and would help us in any way she could.

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  1. Oh Wendy, I’m so incredibly sorry to hear about your mum. I can very much understand what you’re going through as I went through something very similar with my own mum a few years ago. Sending you lots of love and keeping you both in my prayers. xx

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  2. Oh Wendy what sad news. Your Mum is in the right place now getting the right care. Hopefully this hasn’t been too traumatic for you and the family as it can often those around as much as the person involved. Our thoughts are with you and you Mum.

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  3. Dear Wendy
    I always enjoy reading your posts and am sorry to hear what has been happening in your life.. Please accept my best wishes for your mother, you and your family. We never know what our future will hold, your words to live each day well are so true. Kindest regards Suzanne

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