Wendy Norman - Seafarrwide Profile - Freelance Writer

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.  I specialize in web content, blogging, social media for businesses and reviews. The majority of my posts here are reviews on new businesses, events, and experiences along with some of my own fun stuff like the odd poem or story.

I started my blog just for fun, then shortly after I found myself freelance writing for Weekend Notes.  I’m a prolific writer, able to write on a broad range of topics.  You can view my articles on Weekend Notes.  Click here to go straight to my Weekend Notes profile page.  As you will see I can write on just about any subject.  It all requires researching and of course time – what business owners never have enough of!

Within my first month, I reached the top ranking writing group for Sydney on Weekend Notes.  Even I was impressed considering there are over 1000 Sydney writers on the site.  Each week I am generally ranked between No. 3 to 6. This success I have achieved with writing in my spare time publishing articles on the latest places, events or popular topics.  I soon found businesses and promoters were contacting me directly to review and write an article for them.  It was then I realized I was a natural at Copywriting.

I love to support a new business.  I think people are incredibly brave to start up an idea and follow it through.  I understand the passion required to grow your business, it involves blood, sweat, joy and sometimes tears. Having a great product or idea is crucial, also how you market your business.

Marketing has changed these days with everything going digital. If you wish to reach a wider audience, you need to be constantly connecting with a broad audience via your website and social media. You might be wearing all the hats in your business, leaving very little time to sit down and write your website blog or other necessary digital marketing; such as social media posts, e-newsletters, e-books or simply the task of updating your website with fresh content on a regular basis.

This is where I can help.

Copywriting Pricing Guidelines:

Small orders – $30 AUD (300 – 500 words)

Standard orders – $75 AUD (500 – 800 words)

Long orders – $95 AUD (800 – 1000)

Social Media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – $40 AUD per week per media – includes 2 posts a week per media timeline.

*Contact me for a personalised quote by either completing the form below or directly emailing me at

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Invitation to Review:

If your business is in Sydney and you invite me to do a review and provide complimentary products, food, drinks, experiences, tickets –  I will provide a review article free of charge.  The article will be published live on Weekend Notes, Seafarrwide and my Google Plus  Pages.

You may have other needs such as Business Blogging or Social Media Posts. If you feel I could be of assistance, feel free to contact me with any queries and we can discuss your options.




Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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