Dancing in your underwear

A while ago I succumbed yet again to a trial of internet dating, this time as an experiment I wrote a very tongue in cheek profile which stated the total obvious of the flaws of internet dating.  I wrote about how false many profiles were.  I really should have saved that profile but it went…


I’m writing a book, yes, my first attempt! It’s about a young girl abducted and based on a true story. Let me know what you think.

New Blog Design

A shout out to all my loyal followers, please take a minute to have a look at my new website design. Thanks

100 Beautiful Words From The English Language That You Need To Use More

For those learning, trying to master the intricacies of the English Language can often pose more than few hurdles. For starters there are many words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings Source: 100 Beautiful Words From The English Language That You Need To Use More

LAMBS AMONGST THE WOLVES – A Single girl’s day out

It’s a stunning sunny Winter’s day.  My best friend and I head off in the car to Woollahra to see one of my very old school friends who is an extremely talented painter.  Of course the traffic didn’t fail to change my view that I was pleased I didn’t live in the eastern suburbs anymore,…

Writer’s Wisdom

We have all probably read this but I just felt I should post it again as the words are

The Radiance of a Charming Mind #2

The radiance of a charming mind strikes through all deformity of features and still asserts it’s sway over the world of the affections.  That chastened and delightful activity of soul, that spiritual energy which gives animation, grace and living light to the animal frame is, after all, the real source of beauty in a woman….

The Radiance of a Charming Mind

It it is impossible to dim the brightness of an elegant and polished intellect. The radiance of a charming mind The Art of Beauty by Lola Montez ( first published 1838)

Writer’s Roots

  A while ago a friend from school found this in her School yearbook and sent it to me. It was one of my first attempts to


Do you repeat this mantra each day “Oh gosh! I don’t have anything to wear.”  Does being you seem boring and mundane?  Have you had any desire to be someone else?  I’m sure we all feel rather dull sometimes.  As adults


With Christmas fast approaching I couldn’t help but remember last Christmas when I went shopping one day.  That day I decided to wear a red dress.   I love to wear red.  If I feel a bit low of energy or even the opposite, red gives me a zing in my stride.  This day I was out from work…