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Dating Dogs

ImageWell I have many past dating stories that I have managed to bury deep in the recesses of my brain because it’s just not healthy to dredge them all up ha! But a recent one I just have to talk about.  Anyone that knows me will vouch how much I love animals especially my two dogs.  On a couple of occasions now I realized how important it is to take into consideration when trying to meet someone is do they even like dogs?  There was one time I was contacted on the internet , his name was Tristan, he looked and sounded in the profile to be a great catch so I gave him my number ( though I was a bit dubious about the name Tristan ha)!.  Anyhow he calls me and introduces himself.  I start to speak but as I was at the time out walking my dogs I said “sorry Tristan but in case you are wondering why I am huffing and puffing as I talk to you, I’m just out walking my dogs in the park”  Instantly he replies “oh you have dogs, oh no, if I had known you had dogs I wouldn’t have called!”  I paused speechless at first in astonishment that he even said it like that so I went on to say “oh my god really Tristan? Are you serious?  If you had known, you wouldn’t have called me?  Don’t you like dogs?”  He says “it’s just that they are so much work! I would never have one again, when my kids were young we had a dog but since they  grew up no way would I have a dog and deal with their mess and having to walk them , it’s a big hassle, I love my freedom to do whatever I want”  . At this point I could hear beeping on his phone line,  he says “I will have to take this call I will call you straight back”  I’m at this point in a bit of shock, there is this guy that calls me and within three minutes of the call has made it clear he doesn’t like dogs.


I adore my dogs, they are the most loving creatures and I keep mine very clean and they are house trained and all.  Okay there is the odd build up of dog hair here there that gets vacuumed every week.  My dogs Charlie and Benji are what keep me from sinking into depression especially when faced with these dating disaster moments ha!  I also feel if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be as fit as I am so I thank the little cheery active souls for that too!  So within 5mins of contemplation I realize NAH!  I don’t care how handsome this guy looked in the photo my friend sent he isn’t a dog lover and sounds ignorant, rude, selfish and lazy.  Yes I might be guilty of making swift judgements but along the way of my life I have learned not to waste time and to go with your intuition and hopefully wisdom in situations for your own sense of well being and preservation.   So I texted back immediately before he could call me to say “look don’t bother calling me back, you made it quite clear you aren’t an animal lover, especially not a dog lover and I’m not interested in meeting someone that wouldn’t like my dogs as they are a big part of my life along with my children.  They enhance my life and I can see you wouldn’t!    He of course replies oh please give me a chance if you meet me you would see I love dogs and they love me really”

I didn’t even bother to reply………………………….. NEXT!






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