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Rivulets of Despair


She stood numbly watching the rivulets

Of water streaming down her legs

Feeling nothing but seeing everything

Watching the young innocent girl she knew

Waving goodbye with tears in her eyes

Scrubbing harder, her skin turning red

No blood came forth, just visions in her head

Memories of careless days

The sound of laughter and song

Skipping in the rain knowing she belonged

Watching the clouds roll in picturesque peaks

Majestic images of dragons killing the weak

She shuddered and shook

Teeth chattering ivory keys

The clock ticked an hour past by

Scrubbing but not feeling sobbing no tears

Skin raw about to bleed but no fear

Water hot but body cold horror unfolds

Shallow breaths mother calling

Voices far away though just behind the door

Where had she been, where had she not been

Depths of hell chains rattled the bells

Beggars yelled from their cells

Baby cried when father left

Falling off the golden shrine

Crawling through the swamp

A loveless quest of need and want

Skin numb, puckered in aqua excess

Questions flooded demanding answers


The day he left she was just a girl

Still grasping for love and validation

Her existence unsolved with no salvation

Aimlessly searching in all the wrong places

 Of man for an anchor to catch her wounded soul

Like a bee to honey if some interest was shown

 To be needed in some way was all she had known

Affection was traded for a glimpse of love

Unknowingly it was offered by tainted gloves

Innocence cried, begged for solace and warmth

To be cared for and treasured

Respected, valued, loved and not measured

Somewhere to rest to call her home

Not to be tricked drugged used left alone

They not only took the last ounce of innocence

They trampled on it, ripped it, smudged it from recognition

A carcass was left with a hollow heart

Darkness engulfed and shadowed her path

Self hate growing in tangled weeds

Sealing her fate with painful seeds

The skin can be scrubbed

 But the mind can’t be washed

Memories bleed into rivulets of loss

Of childhood innocence that can’t be regained

Swimming the storm of endless despair

Fighting to stay afloat without a boat

If he had known what damage would be done

Would he have saved her by holding tight

Showing her the world is not just a fight

 That she was as beautiful and smart as can be

That nothing would stop her sailing the sea

To live a life of joy and simplicity

Be valued and loved to eternity

 Instead of filling his ego with the life of power and greed

Leaving that little girl to stumble and need

The armour now set, all trapped within

An endless walk will now begin

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

Image source  found via Pinterest


    • Wendy, I apologize. I am going to look really inept anywhere I put this. I do not normally do twitter or the blog really. Alex does twitter. I realized after I did the reblog that you may not want a poem this personal reblogged and I did not ask first. So, I took it down. I do apologize for that. I just thought it was such a good poem. I do apologize for that and for putting it on twitter. Please accept that apology. I removed it from my blog. I realize I am not sure what kind of a blog you run. I should have asked first.
      Please remove these comments if you would. I just look silly. Do know I was trying to compliment you.


  1. This touched me deeply. Brilliantly and beautifully written. I could quote the entire piece, but again I will just say, achingly beautiful.
    I made it to the line…”If he had known what damage would be done”..before the tears came. A question I often ask myself, even though in my heart I know the answer. Thank you for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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