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Heart Grazes


Driving along listening to tunes

The radio singing to me

I thought of you

Flashes of memories

Seep from my brain

The carefree days

When there was no pain

Sitting on your shoulders

The view so blue

So high up there

Happy with you

Little did I know

What lay ahead

I felt so safe

When you put me to bed

Your bristly rough cheek

My fingers did seek

Calming voice

I wasn’t scared

I felt your love

I knew you cared

So clever so strong

In my big eyes

Nothing you did

Would ever be wrong

So when you left

It was a shock

We huddled so scared

Where was our rock

Noises in the night

Woke us in fright

No daddy appeared

To protect and fight

We were now a family

That didn’t belong

Your busy life grew

In leaps and bounds

We watched from afar

As success you found

And the love of another

She was your joy

Her kids became yours

They clamoured around

Holding you close

We felt very much like ghosts

We sat by in awe

Feeling part of a war

Mother was hurt

We missed you so much

The moments we had

Were never enough

Now I’m older I understand

Some aren’t meant

 For a monogamous land

I hope you still love me

As much as I feel

I’m still your princess

I will always be real

No matter how old

You or I get

I will always love you

So please don’t forget

Images – Dad & I







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