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Just because you can pick up a dumbell at the gym doesn’t mean you have to date him!

Just because you can pick up a dumbell at the gym doesn't mean you have to date him!

Just because you can pick up a dumbell at the gym doesn’t mean you have to date him!

Okay I’ve done a few internet dates and could burn your ears off with stories..yes I may tell you a few later but this just had to make me laugh.  I’m at the gym the other day and I see this guy I have seen at the gym for the last ten years.  We always say hello, how are you? small chit chat.  We both have a simple workout routine due to our aging bad backs and stiff joints.  Anyhow he says “hey I saw you on the Rsvp dating site a month ago haha!! I’m like “oh yes I saw your profile too…a feel my face slowly get hot flushed and embarrassed, (I still don’t know why when considering just about every single person is on some kind of social or singles dating site these days but it still makes you feel somewhat ashamed and desperate)  I went on to say “but god I just had to go off that site it was depressing, nothing but old men contacted me and most looked like the serial killers from Wolf Creek!!” He also contributed with how the ladies he meet never look like their photos, that he either gets some desperate woman that is in her early 40s that hasnt had children with I want a baby right now look or much older with I just want you and you will never get away look hahaha!  I had to laugh and agree, I said ” it’s just one big minefield internet dating, it is more like a fish feeding frenzy especially if you are a new meat on that site, gee you shouldn’t have any issues there are more nice single women than men in Sydney, you should ask out the ones from the gym “wink wink” rather than bother with dating sites”.  Here comes the bombshell..he says ” okay well next time you are on rsvp send me a message”!! hahaha I said oh my god hahaha Im not on there remember! you are talking to me now, here in the flesh!!  you could actually take my number for that rainy day when you get over internet dating and want to try the old fashioned way and call a regular girl you met at the gym?” at this point laughing hard.  He just went red faced and laughed…”ok..of course haha yes give me your number”.  We made a few more chit chat comments about working out and carried on exercising.

Seriously!! what is the world of dating coming to??! when a guy that is looking at you face to face says ” okay when you next see me on the dating site send me a message!!”  Dating dumbells are alive and well thriving at your local gym now!



  1. The poor guy was shy. It is funny how women can be in touch with their emotions but can’t read a man’s. Your blog works!


    • yes he is a nice guy and Im sure he is shy as I think only recently single but it was so funny at the time! Thank you for your comment. I only created this blog last night and still working out how to use it and write! A bit of fun 🙂


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