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Kisses and Misses


Who loves me not

Who loves me so

The deep intake of breath

The instant spark that left its mark

Fluttering butterflies in my depth

The forward sweep the backward leap

Could I give into this

His eyes shone bright would I take flight

I wavered on the abyss

Could it be true with eyes so blue

Without a single flaw

That he was true

Honest to the core

His touch ignites I have no fight

Surrendering to the heat

The tune of love is like a glove

A heavenly sweet treat

Vibrant colour from my lover

Fills by dreary day

We lay supine and as we recline

Moments trickle away

The clock chimes he had his time

His face is now a mask

He grabs his things reality begins

Who loves me not

Who loves me so

The solemn words I sing

Is it my fate to always wait

Disappointment clings

Trudging through feeling blue

To never know true love

I stared I glared into the night

Stars twinkled high above

Tears spilled down my face

The grooves it followed deep

The soulless players the heart slayers

More refuse for the heap

Who loves me not

Who loves me so

Karmic tides ebb and flow

I wonder will I ever know

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

image – wifflegif



  1. Your flower animation is just perfect for the cover of my anthology, When Pleasure Blooms: even better than the cover that I designed myself. Much better, in fact. You “liked” my description on my blog, but I really hope that you take the time to read this little collection of short stories. You seem like the sort of person who will enjoy them, and they won’t take you long to read. Please let me know what you think, good or bad, and be as explicit as you like.

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  2. Beautiful. I love your poetry. You have a gift for it and it has your own voice. I always know it is yours. Layered in such a way that is uniquely your own and really breathtaking and such depth of emotions. Really beautiful.

    I also want to say every time I come to your blog it is just gorgeous. 🙂 xx -CC

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