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As the Sun loves the Moon

forbidden love

By Wendy Norman

Pleasure is found in a pathless journey
Enjoying the feelings that we are learning
Living in a society where none instructs
Drinking the nectar of forbidden lust

Hiding from the crowd under a cherry tree
Blending with the blue sky as far as could see
Stopping in the moment of wonder no rush
Believing in in this emotion we can trust

Everything will change if we move from here
Reality of life is what we do fear
We cannot bear to share our presence
Our entity exudes a lethal essence

Shrouding our eyes in rosy mists
Our skin melts into a fusion of bliss
Only importance was to smile and be still
A starving beggar yells in their cell

We hear nothing more than our sweet song
Hidden from the citizen’s jury throng
Psyche to believe in our stable endurance
Being together right now a prime importance

A repetitive compulsion to relive each moment
Reflecting thoughts make strong opponents
Sublimation of the animal soul an essential task
Finding acceptable pursuits to unleash our wrath

Human life unravels as a series of detours
Quests of the absolute other our simple endeavour
As the Sun loves the Moon to put her at rest
We will treasure our moments and keep them suppressed


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