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Little Note to my Friends and Followers


Hi there just wanted to let you know I haven’t been able to write much due to recent back surgery that’s proving quite a challenge to recover from. I can’t sit too long at the computer typing but rest assured I’m still trying to read all your fabulous blog posts while on my back with my iPad.  I hope to be in a better mindset and condition to contribute again soon. Thank you to my loyal followers and likers for supporting me.

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  1. I happened upon you blog post about the surgery and being away from writing, and understand what you may be thinking. Fortunate that I am, my lack of creativity was self inflicted by an extended Christmas vacation visiting my grandchildren. (*…one can not choose writing over grandchildren as one could not write while enduring discomfort). I lamented this fact on a past blog and was rewarded with emails and comments reminding me that those that have chosen to read my words aren’t going anywhere, and for me to revel in the company of the little ones.

    I think you can rest assured your followers will wait for when you ‘know’ the time is right to be creative once again.

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    • Thank you so much Pete for your kind words. I will try and do some review to post but instead of taking me a couple of hours to write they have taken a couple of days instead ha…but for more creative posts yes I need to get past my pain and discomfort first. Enjoy your grand kids its a special time 🙂


    • Thank you dear Paul & Bree that is encouraging I have had some internal bleeding and odema from last weeks surgery so I’ve very restless cant drive or do much, each day will get better I’m sure. I had to finally do it as I couldn’t sit much with back and leg pain. I hope it helps!


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