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For Lovers Of Literature, Poetry and Writing – Meet Contrappasso


Lovers of Poetry and Literature  will appreciate this.  Recently I went to the launch of Contrappasso 6 .   This is a not- for- profit International Literary Journal publishing writing of a high quality in Australia. It contains fiction and non-fiction, essays, long form interviews, Stories and Poetry,   Click here to read my review on  Weekend Notes about this wonderful publication.




  1. I love the quote from Helen Keller. I have been an avid and somewhat voracious reader from a very young age. Literature, both fiction and non-fiction, can take you places you may never go, can teach you about history and take you to the places where it occurred. A really good piece of writing is like an adventure; you may laugh, you may cry, you will find yourself in places that no longer exist, you will find yourself in myth and legend. I wish that we had an outlet in my city for writers, but we are not an overtly “artsy” community especially for writers. Although, we may have a publication that I am unaware of.

    I would love to travel to Australia (and the rest of the world). So far, I have made it as far as the Society Islands, and I was immediately in love with the region. How fortunate to actually live there!

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    • Yes Australia is a beautiful place. I embrace any history we have here but I love European History as it goes back so far. If we can’t travel then Literature can take us there.Where do you live?


      • The Southwest United States. I love European history for the same reason. It just goes back in time; all the way to Socrates and the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The culture in the Southwest here is really just getting started as we are a very young nation, and have not yet had the chance to really define ourselves. Although, we are getting there. The Native Americans were here long before we came along and settled here, so we do have some cultural history.

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          • I know! It is finding the combo of time and money. We are back off to Ital in a coule of weeks,….to visit Nona by Belluno. Always a good trip 🙂 I have my European Bucket list though 😉 My Mom was raised in Berkhamstead but it is YEARS since I’ve been home to England

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            • I have a World bucket list, but some countries need to stop fighting for a while so I can visit in relative safety. I have no problem with following the appropriate dress codes and prevailing culture. In fact, I would relish it as immersing oneself in a foreign culture is the only way to travel. I have made it to French Polynesia, Japan, and parts of Europe (although I was much too young to remember it.)

              My wanderlust is the fault of my father who was a professor who traveled extensively and met many different people. He always brought back hundreds of photos, and traditional arts and crafts as gifts from the region he had visited. Now, if I were just independently wealthy, I could get on with it.

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              • You must of marveled as a child about those objects your father brought back. Yes wouldn’t it be lovely to have enough funds to travel far and wide and really embrace the culture of each country not just seeing Tourist destinations


              • That’s how my father traveled. He backpacked his way across India from Bombay to New Delhi where he was to attend a symposium on something medically related. And, that is where he met the man who invited him to come research in Japan for a few months. That’s how I got to Japan. You can’t get much more immersed in a culture than living in it. It was fascinating.

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              • lol! Yes! My bucket list is divided into regions! FP is on it…my next trip will be to Bali in the spring. There is a lot ofnAsia I would love to live and feel. Japan is the number one choice of my partner. Now back to the money bucket :/ 🙂 My Mom was the big traveler in her young adult days and it was her pictures that always inspired me as a child. Funny how similarities are found if we just look 🙂

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              • I think that people are much more similar than they are fundamentally different. In my case, it was my father who inspired this wanderlust and desire to truly travel not just stay on the beaten path. He never stayed on the beaten path which was really cool when he came home with photos and trinkets. He always developed his film into slides, and we would get together as a family to look at his latest adventure. He even had his own projector and pull-down screen. Ahh, fond memories of childhood 🙂

                I would to go to Bali. I have looked into it rather extensively, and if I save for 5 years, i might make there 🙂 But, for the last few years, it has been either Europe that I want to go to having lived in Utrecht as a toddler (can’t really remember it) or somewhere in Central America like Costa Rica which is less cost prohibitive than the “Grand Tour” of Europe.

                Japan is a really beautiful country and also completely foreign in culture. i lived there for about 4 months as a teen, and we slept in a Buddhist monastery on night while trekking the country. It was in Nara, and they had facilities for visiting monks. The bath house was outside in a garden. It was probably the coolest bath I ever took. I would highly recommend Japan a destination. You can take the trains everywhere, and explore.

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              • Bali is very reasonable and you live like a king there 🙂 Japan pulls my partner for his passion for aidio and aikido (I just love sushi lol!) I am so very jelousnof your monestary experience. That is my dream for my trip to Thailand when I visit a dear friend who now lives there. That is at the TOP of my list. Europe, in Switzerland at least, is extremely unreasonable for a vacation, even when you live here and want to ski for a week (or day), which we no longer do for that reason 😉

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              • That would be why I have not really considered Europe as being the top of my list. There are many other beautiful places to see that are much more affordable. I think FP cost me about $1700 total for flight to Tahiti and a ferry to the island my friend and I stayed on, our “budget” hotel with a bungalow on the beach. Food was reasonable. And the coolest thing was at night you could see all the stars because there are no street lights or ambient light. You are also south of the equator, and everything looks completely different in the sky.

                Check out my page “A Beautiful Break from Bipolar.” It has some photos from the 8 rolls of film that I shot.

                Now i am going to look into Bali, and possibly Thailand which the last time I looked was really reasonable. I really would like to go to Cambodia to see Angor Wat and some of the lesser known of the ancient temples. The carving on them is just astounding 🙂

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              • Mozambique is expensive ~ looked into that a few years ago. Also Tanzania on the East Indian Ocean. They have hotels where the rooms are in trees, not to mention the East Indian Ocean is gorgeous. Looked into the Seychelles, and just getting there was really expensive. I would have to fly from here to New York, then to Rome, then on to Tanzania. Just the flight was several thousand dollars. Same with the Seychelles, several thousand to get there. But, oh, how gorgeous they are. I need a vacation 🙂

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          • If I lived in Europe, and had the means to just travel, I would be gone most of the time. All that you would see would be photo-essays of everything I saw and experienced. How wonderful to live in such an amazing place! North America has it’s fair share of beautiful places, but we lack the culture of a place that has been around for thousands of years.

            In my state, wine tasting and other similar festivals are considered (how to describe it) to be haughty. I am still not sure that is the right word. The highlight of our year is the Fiery Foods Show. I live in the southwest, and chile is big business here. It is put on everything, and the Fiery Foods Show is a place where people can showcase their creations. Wine tasting is not common, although there is the Lavender Festival which is fun.

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