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Dreams of a Nomad

A Bali Sunset

If the warm glow of a vibrant sunset thrills your mind

Days exploring cobblestone streets help you unwind

Exotic smells from smoldering pots wafting inside your lungs

Hearing Languages and seeing faces that tell a story

Rows of old houses with windows twinkling in the sun

Village traditions  from a thousand years

People offering new food that you eat with no fear

 Then traveling the globe will help you unwind

Here you will find others that are in your tribe

Their feet weary but hearts full of wonder and desire

Experiences enriching their meaningful lives

 Their home is a compass a wandering eye

Seeking new journeys to fulfill their lives

No staring at a blank office wall for them

Surrounded by people who are just shadows of men

Deadpan faces speaking words so glum

Not for them this common life of humdrum

They seek a fun and interesting life

One that is fascinating and oh so bright

A life of learning that they don’t just portray

They journey the unknown and try their luck

Surviving each day on only a few bucks

The alternative is to trudge each weary day

Living a life sentence of how much they can take

Of wasting each day for a minimal pay

Just paying the bills to live the same way

At least take a holiday explore the world

Don’t just work five days for a weekend of fun

Make a plan and escape if you can

You only live once so don’t just succumb

Poem by Wendy Norman – Seafarrwide



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