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Well of despair


 By Wendy Norman

Have you felt the pull of darkness, uttered a sigh of indifference to the world

Detached yourself from society with a blink of gauze covered eyes

Uttered hard profanities to no one but yourself

Your mask for humanity is leading a mutiny

The skin tired of defying gravity in the face of reality 

Body feels covered in shifting bark covering

Chaffing your soul like shards of glass

Purpose and reason debate in your clouded mind

Where is it going, where have you been and why

Pounding loud against your temples in waves of red

You have given life from your womb, nurtured its growth

Spilt your blood and breath, sacrificed your time, done your labour

Guided young souls and released them to adulthood

You conquered parenthood with fists of purpose and a full heart

Standing alone as heat threatened to burn at every turn

Feeling  a mere pawn in the game of life

Thankless tasks echoing through the hallways of your mind

Though you can see proof of success so loud and clear

Your child walks their own path with not one backward glance or fear

It is their right to forge ahead breaking those shackles you wove

Leaving you just a husk of self pity,loss and woe

Negative thoughts barrage your consciousness

Fear becomes a prominent shadow not silenced in darkness or travel

The body tired but the mind beseeching the walls for answers

In fitful sleep you are wandering the shores of the unknown

Waves of the ocean rise chasing you, swirling with snakes below

Wearily you go though the motions of toil

Wake, Eat, drink, work, sleep, the wheel turns but no track

All has become grayscale, just a small light beckons drawing you back

Who would care, who would notice, your jaw feels slack

Walking not seeing guided by a nothingness

Then you hear a bird cry high in the sky

You look up and see life fly free

Surrounded by the grandeur of an ancient wide tree

Weathered by the years of adversity, still standing tall

Sun warms your skin and opens your eyes and they start to pour

Tears of joy at the beauty you see does exist

Regardless of what battles it must resist

You are like a tree its roots are steadfast

Nothing can stop you, dream and make your life last

Now its your turn to enjoy, see the world far and vast

You smile and hold your head high and take one big leap

Right over the black pit of the bottomless deep

Landing on the path to enlightenment and bliss

Who would of known it would be like this

Photo found on elinka.tumblr

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