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Do you repeat this mantra each day “Oh gosh! I don’t have anything to wear.”  Does being you seem boring and mundane?  Have you had any desire to be someone else?  I’m sure we all feel rather dull sometimes.  As adults we spend 80% of our time possibly in non- descript white-collar work attire or blue-collar wear with an equally deadpan expression on our faces showing the anonymity of an oyster.  I see this in big office environments and factories!  Even I feel this way week in week out going to the same job that requires a level of conservative attire and manner.   It’s almost like any ounce of individuality  is slowly being muffled and controlled until the flame eventually is extinguished. What you wear can give away quite a bit about you, from employment, spending habits, emotions, personality and aspirations.

When you think more about it you can realize how powerful just what you wear can be in changing what people perceive about you.  It can also make you feel more confident in some way or able to hide something more sinister or negative about your own personality.  If we look at the psychological research behind what we wear.  It shows in some ways there could be underlying issues and reasons to our decision-making process:-

Do you use your clothes as a tool to achieve status and make a statement?


For control and to impress?


or to hide from the world in a non-descript muddled mess?


What would be the likely reasons for our choices? Is it really just as simple as pulling any garment over our heads?  Maybe it is for some, it could be Sweatpants Monday every day?


I’m sure for many vanity isn’t an important factor in their daily presentation and good on them I say for not giving a rat’s arse what others think.  They are happy chappys just being themselves.


But there are others that rely on their clothing as social status or depicting a ranking of their level in society.  Often those wishing to out class others due to their own insecurity will try to outdo their peers with Designer wear and logos but then some people just love Designer wear and can afford it but I’m sure when you put on that special outfit, you walk a little taller and you head has an upward tilt. I know when I have spent the big dollars I feel quite special wearing the new expensive item.


In saying all this there is no right or wrong style that will make  you look successful.   Any style that shows you didn’t make any effort at all, or is ill fitting, didn’t suit your body, age or situation will give a bad image regardless of the cost spent in the outfit.  We are lucky that most of us live in a society where we can dress and express our individuality.


Children have always loved to dress up for fantasy and to feel special and more grown up where Adults enjoy to dress up for fantasy too but I think to  feel younger and more carefree.  I have to admit whenever I have decided on fancy dress for a special occasion once my outfit is decided on I go all out to get it right.  I remember one night going to a Burlesque club with a large group of friends for a birthday.  We all decided to dress up as Burlesque characters or gangster look.  The end result was this photo below..yes I got a little carried away with my persona!

photo (2)

For some reason when I put on that outfit I felt more adventurous.  I started to walk with the undulating hips of a Brazilian woman who could possibly turn into a Basilisk any moment scorching all in her path!   Of course wearing petticoat, a sexy corset, stockings and red may have that effect on the wearer ha!  It is so fun to dress up and I love that a few of my great friends will take up any opportunity to do so.


I’ve often spent too much time thinking about what to wear when going out throwing clothes into a pile of has beens and boring.  We could do with a few fancy dress outfits to break the monotony.


Why not go out in Fancy dress?  Not just to a party but to an event, activity or a themed nightclub?  Jump out of your normal every day attire and take on another persona, forget about what anyone else thinks especially those boring conservative people who are haters ha okay was that you once? or is that you?


You could find it quite liberating or not!  but dare to have some fun.  Life is too short to be bored and constantly living within what you perceive as your everyday restraints.  We only have one life so live it fully and enjoy some creativity and freedom.

Don’t just dress how you feel, dress how you want to feel!




Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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