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True Story – Loving a Narcissist


Once upon a time I fell in love with a Narcissist.  This is a true story I wrote about my experience.  Click here to read my short 3 Part Story.


  1. You know what? This is me too. I amazed how uncanny it is – I was starting to feel nervous and angry just reading it. Feeling your pain, but I am glad you are out of it.
    I think they ALL do it to US. There are good men and good people out there Karin and Seafarride, but it happens so often, this kind of relationship is way too ridiculous. I am not writing about mine yet – it is still boiling inside of me. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs.x


  2. I can’t read anymore right now…. shaking. This is like reading my diary and I’ll have to come back to the rest of your posts later, can’t go to work like this :(. I didn’t know about Narcissist Predators until early this year. I went full “No Contact” with my former fiancee in February of this year. He’s “died” but the fallout remains, the women, the lies, their lies and continued idiocy, my PTSD…
    I’ve written several pieces about my experience, it’s the only way to get it “out”. I’ve added resources for other targets, if they recognize themselves in the words. This pathology and how to (try to) avoid it should be taught to our sons and daughters like any of the better-known forms or abuse.


    • Thanks Karin yes at the time it was the most emotionally disturbing period of my life. It took me 3 years to get over that experience, if you ever really do. I still feel sick from it and my trust in men isn’t too great. Unfortunately most men I’ve met no matter how nice have proven to be dishonest in some way. This is why I’m single I won’t ever tolerate a liar again. My last relationship a year and a half ago, not the narcissist, he didn’t cheat and was a caring person but was secretly in contact with ex messaging, phone calls, Skype. He lied about it and I gave him two chances as she kept contacting when I was with him. He swore he wasn’t talking anymore then I walked in on him skyping her on webcam. Due to my past shocking experience with the narcissist. I was so consumed with anger and hurt that he had lied I dumped him. I can’t stand liars it’s impossible to trust so how can love grow and stay.


      • I’m still trying to piece myself back together. He was textbook, I know that now. The hard part is the “public” aspect, he was a big part of my FB and WP presence and a lot of his recruiting went on here. It’s a tough role to be cast in. I left him but he never left me and only the validation of a couple brave women who contacted me (and some great resources here on WP) saved my sanity.
        I am with you about liars. I didn’t expect any relationships after this to go well. I’m profoundly broken and my PTSD is still very prevalent. The internet and Skype/Google video can trigger me. It’s barely a year though and I’m happy to be on my own. My children need the healing too – Narc’s impact was felt everywhere in my real life as well as online. I sometimes feel like I’ll never be clean again.
        What is it with dudes? Narc or not, the Internet seems to have opened up a raft of opportunities to cheat in one way or another. When I suspected Narc, I told him if he loved someone else to go on his way and he was irate, denied, begged, cried. It was horrifying in the end to see all the evidence of his lies. He wasn’t always that brilliant about making me an Admin for his various social media or giving me his passwords and then forgetting about it…
        To your comment below, I posted op-ed and poetry pieces about my experience and most of them are tagged with “narcissism” or “emotional abuse”.

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        • My heart feels for you as I know full well how damaging it is. xx I will check your site when I can get some free time for your related posts. I will be away on holidays for a week or so from tomorrow morning. One day we will hopefully find a decent loyal partner.

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