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Dating Tip – How to Spot a Stingy Person


  1. Talks constantly about money but you rarely see or hear about them spending it.
  2. Only wants to go out for a drink, rarely for a meal or just stay in, feigning tiredness. Their drink is a glass of tap water.
  3. Lives with their parents – they are over 35 years old!
  4. Walks everywhere or rides a bike, though they own a 15 year old car in pristine condition with low kms and didn’t lose their licence.
  5. Forgets their wallet more than once.
  6. Never shouts you anything.  Always says “Let’s go dutch” or you end up paying the whole bill as they complain how broke they are.
  7. Gives gifts that were gifts to them or freebies they received buying other items.
  8. Sends you a spreadsheet when you give into going on a holiday with them. (Even measuring the kms it will take multiplied by the cost of petrol , halved to the nearest cent.
  9. If a man , has nothing in the fridge but beer, milk for his morning cereal,  a lone steak and frozen peas.
  10. Carries a calculator snapping out at the table after a rare meal out.
  11. Will drive an extra 2 kms to use a discounted petrol voucher even though the extra distance cost them the discount in petrol they thought they were saving.
  12. If dining out always uses a ‘buy one get one free meal voucher’.
  13. Owns a very skinny cat.
  14. If a man, he thinks flowers are a waste of money or if it is Valentines Day he will buy a cheap bunch a few days prior to the actual day,  keeping them in the fridge as they brown.
  15. Doesn’t work, doesn’t want to.
  16. Lives on welfare/ government grants, unfairly claiming some indigenous family link that went back to convict days when they are as much indigenous as you are an Eskimo.
  17. Claims they are an independent consultant which also basically means they are un-employed.
  18. Refuse to turn the air con on in the car, even on the hottest days and never uses the heater in winter, same at the house.
  19. Uses candles at night, you thought they were being romantic at first but they just don’t want to use the power.
  20. Turns off all the switches in the house and pulls all the plugs out of their sockets.  Also uses an office bull clip on the toothpaste tube to squeeze out the last drop.

**If you know people like the above you really should set them up together so at least someone will find their perfect match! 🙂

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  1. That’s so funny! But true. My one stingy dating partner (he went by the name of Howard), insisted we pay halves on any date we might go on, and was even willing to debate me on how it would not be fair if he had to pay the full amount, because *you know* I am also working and earning money. Yeah I am, that means I don’t need to put up with you! Next! (he actually seemed like a nice, amicable guy apart from that, except he wanted to invite me over on a Saturday night to build a jigsaw puzzle, instead of a “real, paying” date. Somehow, I didn’t think so! 🙂

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