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Madame Tussauds – Hijinks Party Sydney

HIJINKS2015 117

Recently I went to a very unique party destination – Hijinks ’15 mins of Fame’ at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

 Hijinks organise special after hours parties at unusual locations.

 Click here to read my review and see the photos.  It was such a great fun night!


  1. Hi Wendy, it’s alex…OK, I think you would have fun doing them off and on as well…the writing prompts. Now, one thing, they do drive traffic to your page and profile by authors, writers, publishers, yada, yada..those are the types that tend to follow and/or do you may want to use your hande…I have enjoyed the new people that have followed me..ha! not that i have a huge following 🙂

    The Prompts themselves are all under #’s, but are run by a specific person. You don’t have to follow the person but I would recommend it. It is more fun that way. I will give you the ones I find the easiest and tend to do. You can also go to my Tweets page and look down and see mine as well. I will tell you there are limitless Prompts I am finding, but I just started and some are more confusing to me to find and understand. There are even # Prompt pages just to give you all of the writing prompts. But you will get all of those pop up as you do it, if you decide to.

    One cool thing is you can combine the prompts and # them…some people make amazing poetry out of this. Me, I have tried doing this with two. ha! I do like them for relaxing, reading other cool writers, and I find it is developing my skills..a poem in 140 characters or less using a certain set of words within it. Love it!

    OK…I started with #MadVerse by far one of the most popular…run by the very nice @MadQueenStorm and also under #MadQueen but primarily #MadVerse. The nice thing about her she always pins the daily prompt at the top of her @personal page so you always know what it is. Love her, she is a sweetheart.

    #fieryverse @fieryverse is another great one…awesome person…she is on vacation until 6/12…she prompts every other day M/W/F/S

    #cdpoetry is prompted daily and is darker…but I think fun…don”t have a follow for him that I can find..

    There is #VerseReversal…which I have tried that is just a follow hashtag
    #ashverse which I have not tried…

    those should get you started…I do think you would be great and enjoy it, especially if you are down…or want something to do when you are bored besides crush candy for half an hour…you may love it or hate it…some people do it all day..I unwind with it before bed…haha! and now ya know…

    take care…oh and the nice thing u don’t have to thank for RT’s all the time bc the ppl who run the prompts pretty much RT..and I think u r supposed to just favorite ppl back or what not who fave and would be nothing but thank u’s if u did…so it is pretty relaxing that way..OKKK…just trying to explain in my very novice twitter ways…feel free to delete this…after u read…ha!

    much love alex

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  2. OMG that looked like so much fun! You are for sure Goldie through and through, but I am a fan of all three so any would be a compliment…but I say Goldie..any time 🙂
    Love the picture with Katy….my favorite! What a fun post, thanks for sharing xx -CC

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      • I can see why, resemblance is there for sure 🙂 It looked amazing. You do an awesome job at…well your job and looks like a great time while doing it…hope you are well xx -CC

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        • these reviews are my hobby, sometimes i get invited as media so I get free entry, drinks food etc but I then have to write an article for them but you only get paid sometimes $2 for 3-4hrs of work writing and formating the photos and doing the articles as you see them, they insert ads so the amount of views depict if you get a couple of dollars or not!! you get a tiny payment. This article will probably make me $5 dollars if Im lucky hahaha! Though when I win awards I get straight out payments of maybe $10 or $15. Freelance writing is a hobby noone can live on it!! People don’t realize how little the payments are thats why you do it just for the love of writing 🙂 x

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          • ohhhhh…oh wow…I did not realize that! Well, you are excellent at it. I enjoy your blog so much. And no, I had no idea.
            Please know that your blog is one I look forward to every time you post 🙂

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            • Oh thats so sweet of you CC as I hardly write much these days I find Im a little numb since I had my back injury then surgery in January I have been too down to write much and lost my imagination somewhat 🙂 its fun to have a blog and even nicer to have such lovely supportive blogging friends like yourself x I also enjoy your page x

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              • I am so sorry to hear about your back ♡

                Well, ty, my page is not the most up beat, lol. Just a thought…I know your twitter is for your writing…but if you need distraction, Alex really has fun doing the writing prompts. She makes it a game to see how fast she can do it. Lol. You could always make a shadow account. are great at poetry.
                Ok, I will stop bothering you. Lol. Please do take care of yourself xx

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