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Tea Please


To wake each morning but not feel rested

To have no purpose no reason to move

To hear nothing but your own voice bounce off the walls

Your only companion is your shadow on the floor

It follows you all day at least it’s there you say

The mirror tells no lies

That person staring at you

Pathetic you say

An argument unfolds

You cry but your eyes are dry

Tick tock goes the clock

You need air or else

Outside there is noise, colour, people

No one talks to you, some smile

A glimmer of warmth creeps  inside

The beauty of nature making you sigh

Why is it so that you must live alone

Animals in nature have a mate

It’s not natural to live this fate

Surely you were cursed

You’re a person of worth

What did you do

But just be you

Dreamy thoughts leak

What would it be like

Someone to hold

Oh for a cup of tea in bed

That would be gold

Night arrives so quick

Your companion leaves

Shadows aren’t reliable

The silence is so loud

A cup of tea

Please …

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  1. I lived alone for a few years and really hated it. The worst time for me was on a Saturday late afternoon especially if I had no plans for a Saturday evening (which was usually the case!) x

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      • I have already decided if at some point I am alone I will rent out one of my rooms. Of course that has the potential to create more problems, the person has to be carefully chosen. I shared for two years before being alone and it worked well.

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        • Well that’s exactly what I’m planning I’ve already cleared one room for painting but I’m a bit scared of getting someone in I don’t like as only a small house. Maybe I’ll move out with my dogs and rent the whole house out lol . If I didn’t love my dogs so much I would be travelling for sure

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