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5 Maya Angelou Quotes that Inspire

5 Maya Angelou Quotes that Inspire

Maya Angelou was a writer, singer, dancer, poet and civil rights activist.  She wrote numerous books, poetry, and memoirs.  She triumphed over many tragedies in her childhood life.  The love from her family and friends helped her to believe she could face any challenge life threw her way.  These quotes below are some of my favourites.



This is so true.  Throughout my life, I have always strived to bring the best out in people.  It fascinates me to discover what makes a person tick and how I can best relate to them.  To help a person or make them smile is a wonderful feeling.  If I do nothing more than making them feel good then I have accomplished something great.


How dull would life be without the challenges.  But don’t let these challenges or other people’s jealousy or insecurities sway you from your goals.  Sometimes the outcome isn’t what you wanted don’t despair, try a different way.  They only person defeated is those that give up.


This is simple to relate to.  I feel very passionate about not just merely surviving, working at a mundane job, going home to eat and sleep and starting it all over again.  Yes for most of us we must do a mundane job and endure a dull daily routine.  I try to add something to each day that makes me thrive.  It might be a early morning walk, seeing nature, eating my favourite food or simply reading inspirational quotes to get me through the day.  Sometimes on my way to work, I have stopped by the ocean just for five minutes to take in a view.  I also like to see the humour in the little things and I’m fortunate to wake up each morning to my loving dogs that never fail to amuse and delight me.  What makes you thrive?



Again this one reinforces my belief that by giving a little warmth and understanding to someone no matter how unhappy or hard they may appear, you may make their day.  Some people are just plain lonely and need a warm smile or just a listening ear.  We all want to be heard and made to feel we matter.  My favourite thing to do is to give out hugs.  I always ask first and rarely get a no.


This last one is about intuition.  I do sometimes give people a second chance when I meet them as the first interaction may not be a true version of themselves due to whatever reason, busy, unhappy or bad life experiences.  In time you will see a person can’t play a false version of themselves for too long, the truth usually unfolds. Go with that.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 favourite Maya Angelou quotes.  I took the photo you see in the background of each quote on my way home from work one long hard day. What I stunning view that never ceases to get old.

Have a lovely day! x

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