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Travel Memories

  • Cabo da Roca Portugal - westernmost point in Europe, travel photo
  • Cabo da Roca Portugal – westernmost point in Europe

Many of us wish we could be on a permanent holiday travelling the world.  We sit and scroll through websites, holiday offers and look enviously at travel bloggers Instagram feeds.  Recently, I was let down by a company I worked for and a job offer initially offered changed after several managers resigned and they restructured.  I was treated very poorly. I was disappointed and looking for work again.  I couldn’t go on holidays as I had two dogs, one was injured and I also had to be careful with my budget.  So the other day I found a box of old photos from when I travelled for three months around Europe back in 1991.  To keep myself busy I decided to sift through them and scan a few into my computer.  Also, the fact that old photos start to deteriorate in hard book albums gave me more incentive to preserve them digitally.  The scanned result isn’t high definition but still fun for me to see my younger self in some beautiful locations.  I decided I would post just a couple of my favourites per day on my Instagram account. They are nothing like the over enhanced, photoshopped to perfection travel pics you see flooding the net.  My photos were taken in 1991 when no mobile phones existed and I suppose they are now considered vintage.  I think we used a Canon camera back then, it was exciting when you had to wait to get negatives processed or not so exciting if you lost your camera!   So if old travel photography interests you, go and follow my Instagram account

If you have an Instagram account, feel free to leave the link in my comment feed so I can follow yours too.


  1. Sorry to hear about the crappy company letting you down Wendy, in the long run you are almost certainly best out of it. Love the old photos, who cares about resolution and quality though when they’re so special to you.


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