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Waking Hours


Poem about Depression

Pastel hues filled the morning light

I breathe telling my body to move

Stretching I feel each joint tighten in refusal

An involuntary groan escapes my weathered lips

 I rise from my bed of vexed contemplations


Blinking my way into the shower

I stand to attention waiting to feel

Hot jets massage my spine

It feels good to feel a sense of touch


Coffee in hand I sit at my desk

Pondering the day ahead it’s so new

My diary page glares blank and clean

A little voice says you have things to do

You’re just lazy don’t just sit there move


Thoughts pace my mind like a caged animal

Hunting the weak sniffing for fear

I sigh and ponder more sleep feeling so weak

Emptiness bounces in a monotonous thud

A voice argues no you useless sack get up


Yes, I know I almost reply aloud then I feel a tap on my thigh

Looking down into velvet eyes my dogs stare at me

Yes, someone needs me I mumble their tails wagging high

I talk a while and my dogs listen intently not moving an inch


My furry friends continue their quest to escape

Sensing surrender, barking erupts their calm state

Their bodies pulsate with enthusiasm and spin

My thoughts evade me insisting I give in


The seduction of sadness begins shrouding my soul

The barking continues I resign my fate

You both win now let’s go escape

Rising our legs stampede to the door

There’s so much to see and explore


Autumn leaves crisp and we stumble along

As we forge a path to find the sun

Sadness hovers threatening to cloud my day

Suddenly a rabbit hops by and my dogs bound away

I stop a moment and soak up the sights

A sea of flowers the yellow so bright


My heart vibrates with the pain of such beauty to see

The darkness withdraws and my heart soars and I’m free


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