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A Day in Milan

Italy - Milan Duomo - read more

Our 10 week drive holiday around Europe included one night and day in Milan.  Milan is a fast-paced metropolis known for its high-end fashion, top restaurants, Art and finance.  We arrived right in the middle of July, it was steaming hot and actually not as busy due to most of the locals heading down south for their holidays.  As we didn’t have much time, our main interest was to see Milan’s impressive gothic Duomo Cathedral.  The Milan Cathedral is covered in pearly white marble tiles that are intricately built with 3400 sculptures and 134 spires.  The interior is also impressive with ancient stained glass windows and housing a rock crystal crypt. If you reach the top towers you can enjoy a sensational view over the city.

**Make sure you wear clothing that covers your arms and legs, especially if you wish to visit the Cathedral or you won’t be allowed you entry.  I wasn’t prepared for the heat that day and wore minimal which wasn’t ideal for seeing inside.

Of course, we also enjoyed just strolling around the city streets, feeding the pigeons in the square and a visit to see the world famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.


Tip: A good idea is to carry your own water bottle. A cold drink at a cafe will set you back well over €12!  You can still buy an espresso standing up around €1.

Any main city in Italy is almost impossible to park. The easiest way to get around is walking or buying a Milan City Pass. This card will include discounted or free entry to over 500 Milan tourist attractions,  including public transport, free audioguide, map and further savings on taxis, bike rentals, events and much more.  You can pay online and receive it to your smartphone, there is also a free guide which you can download from the website.   You can buy a pass to suit your available time:  24hr (€ 8), 48hr (€14 or 72hr (€19)

Go to this

Restaurants and Cafes are abundant.  I personally enjoy finding the traditional restaurants like La BriciolaLa Bricola is not only beautiful inside but is known for offering a high standard of Milanese cuisine.
Via Solferino, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Or if you have two nights or more, then you must check out Ratana in Milan.  A beautiful restaurant offering traditional Italian food the modern way.

Ratana Restaurant in Milan

Via Gaetano de Castillia

I hope you enjoyed my travel memory. My next post will be the beautiful city of Florence!


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