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First paid writing! Please help me!  I got accepted a week ago as a freelance writer for a Sydney website called Weekend notes – this website gives  the reader ideas on where to go and what to see in Sydney, Australia and they are also starting to do other states and overseas.  I have now published a few articles.  It would be most appreciated if you have time to click this link My Weekend Notes website profile and after reading each article,   at the bottom of the article it says Help us improve, click here if you liked this article ♥ this will give me a heart like to improve my ranking. I would very much appreciate you taking the time to do this as I’m sure as writers you know how exciting it is to see your work published on a website other than your own.  Many thanks in advance for those that help me by viewing and please subscribe to me if you want to keep up to date with more articles as they are published. writing



  1. We are quite similar, you have to reinvent yourself when your children grow up and you don’t have a partner. My desire to write and travel is very strong and have looked a so many avenues over the past two years. With the introduction of the internet presence, travel publications don’t hire many writers now and people are only too happy to write for free. hmmmm we just need to look at different angles to stand out. My head continually spins with ideas. ha ha ha If you ever want to catch up, let me know. I have some materials on travel writing if you want. 🙂

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  2. Hi Wendy, I checked out your profile. I wrote for WN a few years ago racking up over 100 reviews. It will build your writing experience and you never know what will open up for you. I landed a job for some travel magazines and just published a book. Keep writing, keep being curious and keep your eyes open. Looking forward to reading more from your sites. Have fun with it all! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! Yes I think of it as good experience, a start in writing. I would love to write for travel! I imagine that is very hard to get into. I also want to do a course on writing and start a book one day. All I know is I was quite depressed a few months ago, kids grown up 🙂 then I created this blog and now I love writing and reading other’s blogs too. Its a good hobby!


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