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Hello dear writing friends just a quick THANK YOU and to let you know what I’ve been up to.



Hi all, this is just a very quick post to say I’m still here but now that I have my new freelance writing post at Weekend Notes and also my day job I have been so flat chat doing both.   I haven’t had time for my own writing.  My eyes are burning now and I’m sure you know what that is like!!  I really wish I had a little assistant like the one in this photo!! If only I  could  train my own dogs to type while I talked.  Now wouldn’t that be wonderful and they would never complain or whinge in fact for a few treats they would be even happier!

Benji & Charlie

Benji & Charlie

My new freelance writing post requires me to investigate and research what events, locations, restaurant, cafes, art shows, course, walks, holidays, things to do, you name it I write it.  It also means going out a lot more and I was really enjoying being a hermit at home just writing away with my own ramblings smiling to my happy little anti-social self !

I also have my Doctor friend visiting Sydney for a few days.  I wrote about him previously My admirable friend who has been doing volunteer work at a Malaria Hospital in Sudan as a specialist Obstetrician for Medicines sans frontiers.  He has witnessed so much loss of life, some terribly traumatic experiences that would sadden and shock you so much.  From patients dying in childbirth, dying from Malaria viruses or septic shock infections.  Even terrible atrocities that go on with young children left roaming the streets as young as 4, their parents shot and the young being attacked and raped.   There are so many rape victims in Sudan.   Oh my we have not idea how much these dear people suffer, breaks my heart so much and I wonder how the dear Doctor copes himself after experiences like this.  But he has dedicated his life to helping others and his next voluntary mission is Ethiopia next May with the Red Cross foundation .  God bless him.

So I just wanted to add this quick post to say THANK YOU to all my followers so far.  You helped me so much as when I started this blog only 3 months ago I will admit was feeling quite down and even lonely. Writing totally let me grow wings and fly.  Writing truly is now one of my greatest loves and I’m excited as I bet all of you are.   I love reading all the blogs on here, it amazes me how much talent there is.

I will be away now for a week but just let you know I will be checking in and reading other’s posts and hopefully can add more to mine one day soon.  Take care and thanks again to all Word Press friends.



Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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