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An Afternoon Nap


The waves leisurely collided on the nearby shore

Delicate lapping of the waves soothed with song

Like a mantra hummed from a Buddha’s lair

The aroma of salty seaweed and the freshest air

Stroked her face, whispering hello wake up

She blinked, her body cocooned in a hammock

The sun shone low rays spitting lasers of light through the trees

Looking high in the vivid blue sky only a speck of cloud puffed by

A single seater plane buzzed in lackadaisical speed

Mother birds were sweeping the trees crackling dry leaves

Shrieking in their haste to feed the hatchlings

Chirping fluffy balls hungrily grabbed mother’s prize

Their sharp beaks pecking sporadically to survive

 As the fat worm twitched and squirmed its last impulse of life

Slowly the lady eased her aging frame from the hammock in pain

Upon the fragrant grass lay a shaggy brown dog basking in the sun

Chewing on a femur like bone so big unable to fill its salivating mouth

He chewed the knuckled edges gnawing with ravenous intensity

Ripping shreds of bloody sinew and shards off the butchers bone

Flocks of cockatoos careened menacingly across the sky

With a sigh and groan she took a few steps, her body not feeling adept

Shaggy dog dropped his bloody carcass his ears pointy and alert

But realised his master was in no haste rediscovered juicy marrow in the dirt

Far above in the endless sky, the distant sounds of the plane buzzed into infinity

The clock chimed three strokes had she really been lost such indulgent oblivity

A sense of timelessness drove her steps to rest upon the creaking chair

Watching the dog eat so ravenously she wished she felt that kind of desire

not just a sudden draught of cooler air………

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

All Images by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide) – Meet my dog Charlie 🙂



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