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My Dear Mother

My dear mother the memories are so strong

So beautiful you were, like a movie star

Not only pretty but talented at art

Clever with a brush, you painted many things

Stunning landscapes, portraits, images of life

One day you married Darrol, so handsome, clever and kind

You marvelled at the love you found, it filled your heart and mind

Not long after, your son was born, blue eyes and white blonde hair

You never knew such love before, so powerful was your care

Then came along a baby girl, jet black curls and big brown eyes.

The nurses cooed how cute she was, your eyes sparkled with pride

I remember how things were when I was just a child

Your loving gaze, protective arms, soft melodious voice

Often you would sing and dance around the room

You also loved to garden and flowers always bloomed

Animals were special, we had quite the menagerie

There were cats, dogs, birds, mice and tiny turtles

A injured baby kookaburra, you nursed it back to life

A budgie bird that spoke, it danced and talked to us

So funny with his antics, always causing a great fuss

A family of your very own, so happy was your life

Dad worked hard to provide and built a lovely house

The house overlooked a gully with a waterfall trickling down

Weeping willows, bushland and running creeks ran far

My brother and I would walk for hours, climbing up rock walls

We discovered dark caves and cascading waterfalls

Sometimes we jumped from high above into waterholes

Fearless we became, loving the freedom of the bush

There were snakes, lizards, kangaroos, wombats and birds

We even spotted platypus

Each day was an adventure we couldn’t wait to seek

So much to see and discover along the bushland creeks

As soon as we had breakfast, we would be free to run

Many hours we spent together it was always so much fun

Apart from being a loving mum you were full of pride

You would stand up for us when we got in strife

Always there to help, no matter what we did

If people did us wrong you would let them know

You were always brave protecting us, putting on a show

Your life wasn’t always easy, in fact it was quite hard

We often took you for granted and maybe didn’t know

How difficult things were for you and what you did forgo

Your heart was broken once but you continued on in vain

One day you found new love again, Boris was his name

He was Russian and so proud, he loved a strong debate

Holidays together, warm memories you did create

He was a true romantic and showed his love in many ways

Often he secretly left a present in your room to find

You were constantly amazed

Over thirty years you loved him, he was your thrill in life

One day he passed away, such a painful loss

Loneliness became a shroud and darkened your long days

You never stopped loving him, life was not the same

Now my darling mother you are finally at peace

No more pain and suffering no more longing to be free

You are now gone from this world but will forever be

Living in my memories and the love inside of me

I love you Mum, RIP x


    • Thanks Keith. She suffered so much after having a massive stroke in Oct 2019, on the floor face down for four days before found. I then had to put her in a nursing home. She was unable to speak, walk, couldn’t read or write or move herself up the bed. It was torture as she understood what we said. She got pneumonia last weekend and then passed quickly. Now she’s finally at peace.


  1. My condolences to you for your loss. These pillars in our lives will feel the absence but it is the memories that will help you through the absence of her. Lord Bless.

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